Pregnancy Tests

 So you missed your period and now you’re asking yourself,     “Could I be pregnant?” Before you make any decisions about what you are going to do, call Life Choices to set up an appointment for a free confidential pregnancy test. 

It is important to us at Life Choices that you feel safe, cared for and informed of all your options. We don’t want any woman or couple making a choice without understanding all the options available to them. Knowing the outcome of your pregnancy test will help you determine your choices. 

Call the location closest to you to set up an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.

What you can expect:

When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our Client Advocates who are here to meet with you and support you. You will be asked to fill out confidential paperwork which will allow us to assess your needs. Once the paperwork is complete, you will meet privately with one of our Client Advocates who will facilitate a pregnancy test. You will then spend time discussing your options, and reviewing the outcome of the pregnancy test before your appointment is over. With your permission, we will provide you with continued support through communication and other resources.


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