Having the Best Sex

Any idea who has the best, most rockin’ sex ever? Married people!


In 2010, the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University confirmed that married people have more sex than single people.* Probably not what you would have guessed, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense! Sex is a very intimate act that takes a lot of trust and respect to be satisfying. Nothing will ever feel as safe as being in a loving, committed relationship like marriage where you know that person isn’t going anywhere. They love everything about you, not just what you can offer them physically. 

“Nothing helped build trust in our marriage more than waiting to have sex until our wedding night. I know through experience that we can both control ourselves and truly have each other’s best interest in mind. Nothing can compare to knowing she is my only and I am her only,” Andrew, 24 years old, on his first year anniversary. 

Waiting until marriage also leads to the best sex because it gives you time to choose the best partner for you. Often people make their relationship all about the physical aspect rather than focusing on beliefs, values and friendship. Not having sex is the best test to figuring out if you can really build a life together as partners, in every aspect.



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