The Truth About Sex

Sex is not love, but sometimes they can feel like the same thing. REAL love is about commitment; a relationship that values you as a total person: heart, mind, dreams, emotions, not just body parts!

Be aware of the message the media gives you about sex. Is it true? Movies, music and magazines tell us that sex is just a physical act, it's no big deal, it's without consequences and it's just part of dating.

The truth is that sex is more than just physical. Sex involves all of a person - their mental, emotional, social, spiritual AND physical parts. When someone gives themselves sexually to another, they are giving a part of who they are, which includes all the components. The reality - sex is a very big deal; it's the most intimate act two people can share with one another.

The main negative consequences of sex are obvious:

  • pregnancy
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • broken hearts

These are serious and sometimes life-long consequences! Just because you are in a dating relationship does NOT mean that you need to be having sex. In fact, if you really care about your boyfriend or girlfriend you will want the best for them. Is putting them at risk of getting a disease or giving up their dream of going to college to take care of a baby, the best for them? True love is patient and willing to wait, wanting the best for each other.

It's a good idea to have a plan of action. Set boundaries for yourself. Determine where you will draw the line and stop there. Communicate your boundary to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Help yourself stay committed to that boundary, by planning creative dates. Doing something fun will help you not be tempted to cross your boundary. Avoid tempting situations like being alone late at night with your date.

If you have already had sex, it is never too late to stop. Renew your virginity by making the commitment to wait to have sex again within your marriage. Remove yourself from the risks! Remember, saving sex for marriage is the best decision you can make for your physical and emotional health. You are worth it! You can do it!


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